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Let There Be Light

The First Day Schoolers invite the meeting and friends of Friends to join them as they light up the patio this Saturday evening at 6:30. Please bring a strand of Christmas lights to plug into the Circle of Light. Hot chocolate (with marshmellows!) will be served and thus fortified, we will take a walk with lighted candles around the neighborhood, followed by more hot chocolate and treats. We will provide candles and candleholders. 

Broken Sky Video

You won't regret spending less than 4 minutes enjoying this music video recommended by Brad. Coming from such young voices, the plea to save the earth never felt more poignant. From the description:

"Broken Sky is a short aerial-art, music video depicting the Earth slipping through an hourglass performed by 1200 middle school kids in Miami, Florida. The song, Broken Sky, is an anthem for kids against climate change, a plea to world leaders to wake up and begin taking strong action to NOW! This project was done Dec. 8th, 2015 coinciding with the conclusion of the Paris Climate Summit."

You can see it here: https://vimeo.com/148287074

Chairs, Welcome Party, and a Concert

No, you're not in the wrong room. We just have some new chairs, thanks to the efforts of the Buildings and Grounds committee. So you'll be prepared for the next time you drop in, here's what it will look like:


Welcome Party

Welcome our newest long time member to Miami Friends Meeting ... Edith Landowne! Yay! Come to the home of John Stevens at 9430 SW 93RD AVE on Saturday December 19 at 5 PM for the traditional potluck dinner.

Holiday Event

A celebration for children of all ages is tentatively planned for Saturday, December 12. Confirmation and details in the next newsletter.

Tom Nielson Coming In January

Those who have heard folk singer/song writer Tom Nielson will be glad to hear he's coming back to Miami in January. And if you haven't heard him before, this is your chance. He will perform at the Hersh residence Sunday, January 10 at 2PM. Bring potluck desserts to share. Suggested donation is $15-20, or what you can afford. A poster to promote the concert is attached below.

Worker Justice, Yoga, and Announcements

 Most of you will get this in the wee hours of the morning, but if you happen to see it the morning of the 17th, and if you can get to downtown that day, please consider this request for support from Jeanette Smith of South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice:

"I know this is short notice but it's also rather exciting. I just found out a few minutes ago that the Board of County Commissioners for Miami-Dade is going to declare November 18, 2015 a Day Against Wage Theft in MDC, which is in support of the National Day of Action Against Wage Theft that Interfaith Worker Justice is hosting this year. I know that it won't be possible for most of you but please let me know if anyone can join me at Government Center tomorrow morning at 8:30 am to receive the proclamation? I think your presence will be very helpful to moving the Board forward on strengthening the ordinance and in promoting more worker friendly policies.

"Also, in a separate request, we will be presenting at 1 pm on Wednesday as part of the Public Private Partnership Task Force period for public comment to ensure that large development projects are positive for the community and for the workers, including both wage theft and workplace safety protections and local hiring provisions. It would be great if even one of you can join me on Wednesday to show your support. A great deal of money is being spent on development in South Florida and we want to ensure that it's spent both ethically and wisely."

Yoga is Returning to the Meeting House

Enjoy a relaxing respite from our hectic world! Many people have a hard time meditating, but we all know how to sleep. Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep,” or “sleep meditation” and is practiced lying down, which makes it easily accessible to people at all levels and all physical conditions. Through guided meditation, loving affirmation, and intention setting, you drop into a deeper meditative state that can help synchronize the central nervous system and quiet the mind, allowing space for healing to take place. Practitioners often finish their Yoga Nidra session with increased insight as well as a sense of well-being, calm, and restfulness. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, or whatever will make you comfortable and warm lying down.

These sessions will be led by Lisa Moynahan, who is certified by Amrit Yoga Institute. Starting January 4, 2016, class will be held at 7 PM the first and third Monday of each month and will last approximately 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours. Donation is whatever you feel guided to give up to $10. Please rsvp your attendance or questions to [email protected].

SEYM Announcements

Special Meeting for Learning This Week

There will be a special Meeting for Learning this Firstday, 11/1, on "Quakers as Community: A Look at How We Practice Our Faith." Led by Worship and Ministry Committee members, we'll discuss the balance between our personal journey of faith and our commitment to community.

Half Yearly Meeting Approaches

Speaking of community, Vicki Carlie reminds us that it's time to register for half-yearly meeting. It's a wonderful way to relax and renew our connections with nature and Friends over Thanksgiving weekend.

More info and registration on the new SEYM website here

Halloween Again?

From our friends at Riviera Presbyterian Church: "Your families are invited to Riviera's first Trunk or Treat event on Halloween." Yes, that's "trunk" -- no tricks. See the flyer attached below.

Peace & Social Concerns

Being the first First Day of the month, Eleventh Month, our Peace and Social Concerns Committee is due to meet after rise of meeting, and some refreshment, or about noon. All are welcome to attend.

Warren says, "I expect to have an update for you on some of the concerns from our last meeting, most especially on the US military's deliberate destruction of the Doctors Without Borders hospital at Kunduz in Afghanistan."

Book Fair

Miami Friends will have a presence at the Miami Book Fair this year for the first time. We will offer Quaker books, give out pencils, and let the wider community know of our presence. Organizer Brian Olson would welcome as many volunteers as possible to take turns staffing the booth. If you plan to attend on Saturday or Sunday, 11/21-11/22, please consider spending some time at our booth or at least stopping by to lend moral support.