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Relief for Nepal

Looking for a way to help Nepal after the earthquake? Please note that Friends Peace Teams - Asia West Pacific is providing relief. With trusted Nepal team members on the ground, they are able to get help to people who 'fall through the cracks' of other relief efforts.

Please send relief funds for Nepal to "Friends Peace Teams - AWP/Nepal" ►DONATE HERE

FPT-AWP coordinator Nadine Hoover writes:

Dear Friends,
Please send relief funds for Nepal to Friends Peace Teams-AWP/Nepal... Our experience is that in times of disaster, Friends Peace Teams has solid relationships with people on location whose discernment we trust. We have such a relationship with Subhash....
Subhash will coordinate our relief support and will share the full story of how the funds get used and how decisions are made, as well as welcome your questions or feedback. The flexibility of our funds allows them to respond to blatant needs that are falling through the cracks of other organizations such as devastated communities that somehow do not receive assistance; particular essential materials or supports that do not get provided by others; or the ability to respond in a timely manner that makes a world of difference. Thank you for your support at this time!

We guarantee that 100% of your donation will go for use directly on site.

Pool Party, Outreach, and Earthcare

A reminder that tomorrow, Saturday the 24th, we will welcome the Merleaux to Miami Friends Meeting by having a pool party at the home of the Hershes. Details, address, and map available here on our calendar.


This Firstday 4/26 in the 9:30 hour Kathy Hersh will lead a discussion concerning our meeting's outreach in the wider community. Email? Facebook? Classified ads? How would you propose to be a beacon?

Earthcare Minutes

At our last business meeting Miami Friends committed to support the creation of an Earthcare Field Secretary for SEYM. Our committees are asked to consider the issue of financial contributions so that we can discern an amount at our next business meeting. We will look at an initial startup donation with an annual contribution to be budgeted starting next calendar year.

You can read the minutes passed by SEYM here:


Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome!

 That's four welcomes for four new members -- count 'em, four! And not only that, but they're all in the same family. Next Saturday the 25th we will have a potluck at the home of the Hershes (plural) to celebrate the Merleaux (both singular and plural) becoming the latest members of Miami Friends Meeting.

The potluck will be from 2:00 to 6:00 pm at the Hersh residence, 9051 SW 69th Court. Bring bathing suits and towels if you wish to swim and food to share (if you wish to eat!) -- and who doesn't enjoy that?

Climate Reality

Brad Stocker, our friendly local QEW rep, alerts us to a "climate reality" training coming to Miami in September, where Al Gore will be a featured speaker. The event is organized by the Climate Reality Project.


The Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Miami, Florida, which will be held September 28-30, will bring together a select group of individuals committed to addressing the impacts of climate change and implementing the solutions that will define us to future generations. This training is an opportunity to join a global network of leaders committed to solving the climate crisis.

Over the course of three days, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from experts who will share information about the science behind the climate crisis as well as their experiences educating and engaging diverse networks and communities. You will also have the chance to connect with a group of extraordinary leaders from a variety of sectors and countries around the world.

"Life changing," "re-affirming," and "empowering" are just some of the ways past participants have described their experience. Come as a leader, leave as a Climate Reality Leader.

New B&G Email

Slow News Week

 After a flurry of activities to start the new year we seem to have settled into a lull. Just a reminder of the regularly scheduled potluck lunch after rise of meeting this week. 

The Gathering

Registration for the SEYM gathering is now closed. Some of us will be off to central Florida from April 1 through 5 to participate and we promise to report back and send photos.

Green Bikers?

David alerted us that the County is promoting bicycles as an environmentally friendly form of transporation with "Bike the Underline" events this Saturday 3/21 from 9am to 2pm at Brickell, University, and South Miami Metrorail stations. Follow the links for more details.