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Bartram Changes and Climate Change

Work will be commencing soon on the plantings and signage to control traffic flow through the Bartram House driveway and curtail its use by parents from Sunset Elementary. Traffic will enter from the rear and exit in a single lane onto Sunset Drive.

Thanks to the efforts of our Buildings and Grounds committee clerk, Miami Friends received a mini-grant from Quaker Earthcare Witness to partially cover the cost of the native plants to be incorporated in the design. This project will also bring us into conformity with the original land use plan as filed with the County years ago.

At the same time a sign will be installed on the north side of the meeting house driveway identifying reserved parking for those with disabilities. We ask everyone to take note and to please leave those spaces for those who need them.

Donations Correction

In last week's newsletter the link to the new donations page was mistakenly shown as .COM instead of .ORG and would not work. Apologies to anyone who may have been inconvenienced. If you'd like to make an online contribution, please go to www.miamifriends.org/donate or just use the link in the sidebar of the website.

Latest On Climate Change

From Brad Stocker, our QEW rep:

The SEYM Minute on Climate Change is posted on the website here: http://seym.org/minutes/Min-Climate-Change-2014.pdf. Phoebe Andersen, clerk of SEYM, has urged us to take action on Minutes that we pass and not to just let them sit as philosophical good ideas.

So, as the President's office is finally seeming to move on climate change (http://www.whitehouse.gov/share/climate-action-plan) we can support and encourage further work to move it up the agenda ladder.

Quaker Earth Care Bulletin

This is a special edition of the newsletter to bring you this call to action from Mary Jo Klingel. Friends may also wish to review the latest version of the SEYM Minute on Climate Change.

Dear Friends,

First, gratitude. Thank you to all of the SEYM Friends who worked with the Earthcare Committee to create the climate change minute brought forward at this year’s Gathering and thanks to all of you who approved it. Thanks especially to our Clerk, Phoebe Andersen, for reminding us that the minute is as meaningful as the action that now follows it. Thanks to our teens for working with Equat to help is hold the travesty of mountain top removal in our consciousness.

I was delighted to see how Spirit was working among us this year to bring us an action that we can all take right now.

At SEYM, I learned of a proposed Environmental Protection Rule that is now in the public comment phase. We have a chance to make our voices heard on this rule.

Here is how it was explained to me - if this proposed rule is approved, it will mean that the Army Corps of Engineers can change its point of jurisdiction and reassert its authority over headwaters and streams. Those who do mountain top removal can still do so. What they cannot do is dump the dirt and refuse into the headwaters of the streams close by. That protects the waters, and drinking waters, of the communities downstream. It is incredibly impactful for our waters.

Here is the specific action to take:

Update on the Larrabee Clerking Workshop

The date for the clerking workshop to be given by Arthur Larrabee has been set for 9am to 4pm on 9/27 -- not in tenth month as previously announced. Arthur has proposed a title: Clerking: What Every Member of the Meeting Should Know About Clerking and Quaker Decision-making. This emphasizes the wide appeal of the subject, which should be of interest to both members and attenders, new and old. More details will be made available closer to the time of the event.

Registration is needed to accomodate up to forty participants. A donation of $50 is suggested to help cover the cost of the event, but SEYM and at least some of the monthly meetings (including Miami) are making scholarships available to insure that all who are interested can take advantage of this opportunity. Please use the contact form on the Miami Friends site to reach clerk Andrea Hoskins for registration or any questions.

A New Way to Contribute

As the previous paragraph reminds us, Friends can be reluctant to ask for financial support. Our practice at Miami Friends has been to make an annual appeal to the members in our directory, and to gratefully accept the response. Now a new way is available to lend your support online. If you inspect the sidebar of the website you'll notice a new box that leads to a page where you can contribute with the click of a button.

Several members have let the finance committee know that they would like a way to make regular monthly contributions without having to remember to write a check. Now when you contribute online you have that option by simply checking the box that says "make it recurring." It's easy, safe, and secure. Give it a try at www.miamifriends.org/donate.

Clerking Workshop and Meetings for Learning

We're excited that Arthur Larrabee has accepted our invitation to come and give his acclaimed clerking workshop right here in Miami. The date, still to be confirmed, will be in Tenth month. Currently general secretary of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Larrabee has been giving these workshops for some years. Many Friends have found them invaluable.

The workshop is not just for clerks of the meeting or even just committee clerks. All members and attenders can benefit from it as an introduction to Quaker process and practice in reaching "the sense of the meeting." Anyone who wishes to attend may contact Andrea Hoskins to get on the schedule. (You can use the contact form to send to the clerk of the meeting.)  Donations may be requested to help with the cost, but the policy has yet to be confirmed. Out of town Friends may also contact us if you need hospitality for the event.

Meetings for Learning

Last week we learned much about the work of  the FWCC as each member of the executive committee for the Section of the Americas was invited to give their own perspective.