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Termites, Earthcare, and a Work Day

The meeting house will be tented for termites starting on Monday the 5th of Oct. The building will be off-limits Monday and Tuesday and we'll be able to re-occupy before noon on Wednesday. The treatment company is providing fumigation bags that we need to use to seal up all foodstuffs in the kitchen after meeting on Sunday. The foods can remain in the kitchen, we just need to seal them up in these special bags. Hospitality and B&G can use some help with this as part of cleanup this week.

Work Day: Also, in order to prepare for the tenting we'll be having an impromptu work day on Saturday to trim greenery back from the edges of the roof. Derek and B&G will be there from 8-11 AM and will be happy for any helpers with or without chainsaws.

Daylight Savings

Contrary to the announcement that was made after meeting last week, Daylight Savings Time does not end until Sunday, November 1st. Please set your clocks and calendars accordingly!

Earthcare Update

If you're curious what's going on with the Earthcare Field Secretary posiiton at SEYM, have a look at the attached report from the Earthcare Committee that Vicki Carlie sent out in advance of Interim Business Meeting. Note that Brad Stocker's workshop on Befriending the Earth is now listed as an SEYM resource for other meetings.

Friends of Sabeel This Week

This coming Sunday 9/27/2015 we will have Matt Bewley of FOSNA (Friends of Sabeel - North America) as our guest. He will speak briefly after meeting for worship, and before potluck. Then he will join us for potluck and be available for discussion. We are inviting Friends to bring Mediterranean dishes for potluck.

Friends of Sabeel is a non-profit Christian ecumenical organization seeking justice and peace in the Holy Land through nonviolence and education. Matt is our local FOSNA group coordinator. He is also doing his residency in psychiatry at Jackson and the VA in Miami. More information through the link to their website above.

New SEYM Website

The new Southeastern Yearly Meeting website is now online with a new address: seymquakers.org and Vicki Carlie sends along this call for info to pubish there:

Committees, Clerks, Meetings, and Worship Groups, are invited to send in news of interest to SEYM Friends. The website submission guidelines are posted here: seymquakers.org/organization/policies-handbooks/

Committees in particular are asked to provide news & resources for their respective pages. I'm working with the Meetings and Worship Groups who are still hosted on seymmeetings.org to create pages for them.

Questions or comments are welcome. The website is under the care of the Publications Committee. Websites are always a work in progress. I wanted to launch this week in particular to carry timely news out to Friends.

Climate Change and Bible Reading

Great News From FCNL

Emily Wirzba of Friends Committee on National Legislation reports that Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Carlos Curbelo are among the co-sponsors of Rep. Gibson's bill affirming that climate change is being caused by human activity. As obvious as it should seem, this legislation is a breakthrough needed to get the ball rolling on action.

Details in this report on the Rawstory site. Emily encourages us to thank our representatives for their support on this important resolution.

Peoples Climate March

Warren shared this info on the upcoming demonstation on climate change here in Miami:

Date of March: Oct. 14, 2015 @ 5 PM
Government Center, Miami
People's Climate Movement Miami
On Facebook and at #peoplesclimate #resilientmiami #ourmiami #actonclimate on Twitter

A flyer for the event is attached below.

Quaker Bible Reading

Now perhaps our longest running series of Sunday morning education sessions, Quaker Bible reading continues this week at 9:30. We will be considering where to turn our attention next. And it's never too late to join in.

Quakerspeak, AVP, and the Trans-Ocean Bad Idea

If you scroll down the Miami Friends home page you'll notice something new has been added -- the latest video from the Quakerspeak project. This series of short videos is designed to engage the viewer and answer questions about Quakerism for both new seekers and seasoned Friends. A new one should appear automatically each week. If you'd rather not wait you can access the entire series on the Quakerspeak Youtube channel.

New AVP Website

AVP International is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website at WWW.AVP.INTERNATIONAL. (Yes, that's not a typo -- there is no .com or .org at the end of the address.)

All are invited to come and explore and AVP facilitators are encouraged to register to use the forums and other features available. We look forward to continuing to build the site with your help and input.

The Trans-Oceanic Canal

For Friends and ProNica supporters concerned about the devastation that may result from the building of the Trans-Oceanic Canal, here is some more information. These links came from Johannes Werner, a ProNica board member, from Sarasota Friends Meeting, and a journalist. 
The biological research is presented in this radio episode of Florida Caribe -- listen to it here.