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FOE, Tech, and FGC

Friends of the Earth 

From our QEW representative, Brad Stocker:

We’ve had a few mentions of the importance of pollinators and the threats to one of our favorites, bees. There are many things we can do to protect them and nurture their existence. Pollinators are key to our existence as without them we’d not have most of the food we eat. Only one is to participate in this petition. Please consider signing and sharing this petition with others.

You can read and sign here

Quakers and Technology

-- That's the topic for consideration in this week's meeting for learning in the 9:30 hour. Join April Merleaux and other interested Friends to talk about the benefits and pitfalls of contemporary technology, and how it can benefit or detract from the testimony of simplicity.

FGC Gathering

Some Miami Friends will be traveling on Firstday to the FGC gathering in Pennsylvania. Please hold us all in the light as we fly and drive our way up and back. And remember to visit the EQAT website so you can participate in the planned action against mountaintop removal.

Library, and P&SC

 Library Work Day

The library comittee has created a Civil Rights shelf from the collection of Janet Launcelott. They're holding a work day this Saturday 6/21 from 10:30 to noon. Anyone interested in pitching in is welcome.

From Peace And Social Concerns 

Warren sends this request for direct action:

1) In the U.S., politicians and mainstream “news media” are calling loudly for resuming war in Iraq or at least committing war acts such as bombing. Speak out that this would be wrong, fruitless, a waste of scarce resources. Civilian deaths in Iraq would be more blood on our hands, crimes against humanity.

2) FCNL reports that in the recent vote on Repeal of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (the AUMF) Congress came up a few votes short. It is coming up again unexpectedly soon ­ 6/19/2014.

Please contact your member of Congress and express your support for them to act to end this. See FCNL online for more details. There are four key districts in Florida:

EQAT, P&SC, and Meetings for Learning

SEYM secretary Vicki Carlie shared this appeal for support from EQAT (the Earth Quaker Action Team). They are appealing to Meetings and Friends to help pay for the upcoming action in Pittsburgh. Quakers will be traveling by bus from the FGC Gathering to Pittsburgh for a direct action at the PNC Headquarters to protest PNC Bank's financial support of mountaintop removal mining.

Here is the article on their website. A major expense for this action is renting buses. Donations may be sent to:

4510 Kingsessing Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19143

From Peace and Social Concerns

350.org and many other concerned environmental organizations will assemble in New York City for a Peoples Climate March  calling for urgent action to reduce human contributions to the causes of global warming. [The invitation published in Rolling Stone magazine - in print and online - can be read here.]  Brad Sotcker reported that QEW is already supporting this and calling for people to attend.

Pool Party! and Other News

Let's start with this invitation from Kathy Hersh:

We are celebrating with our Young Friends the end of another school year and the arrival of summer. Fun starts at noon at 9051 SW 69th Court (here's a map). Bring a swimsuit, a towel, and a good joke or funny story (PG rated) to share.

We're supplying veggie pizza, lemonade, and the pool. And bubbles. Lots of bubbles. Spread the word!

QEW Articles

Brad Stocker of the Miami Friends Meeting, and Mary Jo Klingel of the Fort Lauderdale Friends Meeting both have articles in the May-June issue of Befriending Creation.

"Earth Literacy?" by Brad Stocker, is on page 4, and "Befriending Earth" by Mary Jo Klingel, is on page 5. Current and previous issues of Befriending Creation, a publication of Quaker Earthcare Witness, are downloadable for free from the web site for Quaker Earthcare Witness. [Thanks to Brian Humphrey.]

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