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That's a lot of acryonyms, but the message is simple. The SEYM of course is to remind us that our annual gathering was held last weekend, and Miami Friends were well represented, including some first time attenders (you know who you are).

EQAT (pronounced "equate") stands for Earth Quaker Action Team, the group that's working to oppose the practice of mountain top removal in the Appalachians. Lots of info about why this is a really bad idea and what you can do about it is available on their website.

Put the two acronyms together and you have a joint action. Augmented by SEYM youth and a number of adults, EQAT brought their latest demonstration to Tampa, where PNC Bank had relocated their board meeting in part to escape the pressure they were getting from Quakers in Pennsylvania. It appears that part of the plan did not work, as they were greeted by signs and protesters asking them to reconsider their financial backing for mountain dismantling, as some other banks have already done.

The event got some good press coverage here (note the first hand account in the comments at the end from one of our Miami youth) and here including a video interview with Eileen Flanagan from EQAT, demonstrating what an eloquent spokesperson she is. Thanks to our youth for their energy and leadership on this!

Friends World Committee for Consultation

FWCC Section of the Americas representatives will be jointly hosted by Miami Friends and the Iglesia de los Amigos this Thursday through Sunday, the 24th through 27th. Some of them will be present for a meeting for learning on Firstday at 9:30. This is also the day for our monthly potluck after worship, so the conversation will no doubt continue over lunch. This is a great opportunity to learn more about this Quaker organization.

The Memorial and Upcoming Events

 This past weekend we held a memorial service for Janet Launcelott that was well attended and much appreciated by family, friends, and colleagues. Participants included one South Miami City Commissioner and some prominent activist women with whom Janet had a shared history. The Miami Herald has published this obituary.

A Memorial Service

There is a sad new addtion to our calendar this week. A memorial service in the manner of Friends will be held Saturday the 12th from 2 to 4 PM at the meeting house in remembrance of our dear friend Janet Launcelott, who passed away at Eastridge Retirement Community last week in a tragic accident.

Yearly Meeting

 Just a last minute reminder that today is the last day to register for the SEYM yearly gathering. Friends are reminded that financial assistance is available from SEYM and the local monthly meetings. Contact our clerk, Andrea Hoskins, if you feel that would enable you to attend. You can register by 6 pm tonight and pay by check when you arrive to check in. You can register online or by phone. Call Peter Crockett at 727-403-4626 for registration or other question.

Meeting with NVP

Julio Avael is scheduled to meet with us in the 9:30 hour this coming Firstday the 6th to tell us about the work of the Non-Violence Project and changes in their organization.