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 Winter Interim Business Meeting, Jan. 17, 2015, in Orlando, FL and our 45th Annual Michener Lecture, Jan. 18, 2015

0000_Benigno_picture_2007"What canst thou say...?
And how dost thou want that interpreted?"

presented by 
Benigno Sanchez-Eppler
Based on the experience of being a Quaker interpreter, translator, and traveling minister, Benigno will reflect on practices and habits that have brought Friends living with different languages, theologies, cultures and social expectations to an honest acknowledgement of the differences, and to a lively sense of unity in the love of God.
 For more information ► http://seym.org/michener-2015.html
Download the flyer here  http://seym.org/2015-Michener-Flyer.pdf
WIBM Documents In Advance 
 Special AFSC Program
Come hear Lucy Duncan, AFSC’s Director of Friends Relations, share about ways that Friends and AFSC are partnering together for peace with justice. Lucy will share stories of AFSC’s work and of AFSC and Quakers working together in communities for change. She’ll also share a spirit-guided organizing model for grounding activism in reflection and the Spirit. Lucy has been a storyteller for 20 years and has worked with Quaker meetings on telling stories for racial justice and of spiritual experience. She attends Green Street Friends Meeting (PhYM) and lives with her son and partner in a Quaker cemetery.
You can download a flyer through the link at the end of this newsletter.
Friday, January 23, 2015
6:00 p.m. Potluck dinner
7:00 p.m. Program begins
Home of Eduardo & Clara Diaz
13625 SW 82 Court (map)
Palmetto Bay, FL 33158-1010
For driving directions call 305-255-5817
RSVP to Tonya Histand at [email protected] 
Peace and Social Concerns
The P&SC Committee would like everyone to know that they intend to meet on a regular basis on the first Firstday of each month. The meetings will take place after rise of meeting and a pause for refreshment, and all are welcome to attend.

Merry Christmas Every Day

 As we celebrate with our families and friends, it might be of interest to consider the musings of Quaker author Parker Palmer on the way early Friends viewed Christmas, and why. Perhaps we can let their insight inspire us to find the special meaning in every day of the year.

(Re-posted from Facebook:)

As I celebrate Christmas with my family, I think about the fact that the early Quakers—my 17th Century spiritual ancestors—refused to set aside Dec. 25 as a special day. They feared that doing so would lead them to forget that every day is holy—that peace and justice are moral imperatives all year long—that hope is always ready to be born in our hearts—that we are never free to ignore the needs of the least among us.

I celebrate Christmas with joy—but those early Quakers had a point. For example, in this affluent nation, 20 percent of our kids live at risk of hunger. That's 16 MILLION youngsters under the age of 18, an intolerable fact. Because of the good will that abounds among us on Dec. 25, some of those kids will get a good meal on Christmas Day. But on the day after that, and the day after that, and all the days after that, hunger returns...

Memo to self: Celebrate Christmas with a full heart on Dec. 25. But understand that you're celebrating an endless calling, and keep your heart open to the world's needs 365 days a year.

Whatever holiday you celebrate during the month of December—and there are many—the blessings of this season to you and yours!

-- Parker J. Palmer

On Aging

Remember to join us for a special meeting for learning this Firstday the 28th when Yana Landowne will lead us in consideration of aging issues based out of her work with the ARCH Project (Aging Resources Consultation and Help) of New York Yearly Meeting.

Holiday Events

 It's nearly the end of very busy year at Miami Friends, but we still have a few more items on the agenda ...

Bible Reading

Our popular Quaker Bible reading sessions continue this Firstday, the 21st, with David Landowne opening the book of Matthew. Appropriately enough, we'll be reading about -- what else? -- the birth of Jesus.

These sessions have been scholarly at times but never dull. And to prove it, just for fun, here's a little something David discovered on Youtube: I Am the Very Model of a Biblical Philologist.

Christmas Party

After rise of meeting we'll do some celebratory activities involving potluck finger foods and some carol singing. Jane is in town, so the piano will be in good hands. (The silent auction will take place in January.)

On Aging

Speaking of people who are in town, Yana Landowne will be here to lead a discussion about aging in the 9:30 hour on the 28th. She's been participating in workshops in the ARCH project (Aging Resources Consultation and Help) of New York Yearly Meeting. The conversation may continue over potluck lunch after meeting.

Special Session on Bartram House

 This is a reminder that we're having an important session on the future of Bartram House this Saturday morning, the 13th. in the meeting house. Coffee and light refreshments will be at 8:30 AM with discussion to start at 9:00. We'll plan to end promptly at 11:30 to make the room available for one of the user groups at noon.

We hope as many as possible will be able to attend so that whatever decision is reached will be a true sense of the meeting as a whole, with all points of view given expression.

Business Meeting

It's the second Firstday again which means it's time for business meeting again. Committees are reminded that we need to start planning the budget for the new year, so please let the finance committee know about any special needs you forsee.

Donations for EQAT

The Earth Quaker Action Team is on a roll -- twenty-six demonstrations in twelve states plus Washington DC, all on the same day. And Miami Friends were there! Now they are appealing for funds to help meet their needs before year end. It's easy to do -- just go to EQAT.com and click on Donate.

(And don't forget, it's just as easy to make contributions to Miami Friends, as we are also trying to make up the shortfall in our budget. Just head over to miamifriends.org/donate.)

Christmas Party

I know, we're Quakers, so there is nothing more special about any day. But we can always celebrate, and the approach of the holiday season is reason enough for that. Plans are being made for after rise of meeting on Firstday the 21st. More details to be announced. Mark the date.