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Fun for Halloween

 Just because Quakers don't observe Halloween doesn't mean we can't have fun with it. Our young friends led the way, and one of them had a birthday.  


Did you know there's a special website just for Quaker kids? "KidsQuake is a youth outreach project of the Southern Quarter, of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The content on this site is a very simplified explanation of The Religious Society of Friends, their beliefs, traditions, and history. Some sections are geared toward elementary age children. Others are for older students. Parents are encouraged to visit this site with their children. It is intended to explain as well as spark discussion."

Visit the site and learn about the song, "Walk In The Light."

Our New Garden Bench

 As part of our Quaker Earthcare Witness project, the First Day School helped design a garden bench depicting a butterfly garden. Every child contributed an element of the overall design by Patsy Rodriguez, a ceramics artist who donated her labor.  If you look closely at the design you will see a charming cat peeking out from behind some foliage, a daisy, a Zebra butterfly, clouds shaped like rabbits, a dove with an olive branch, and a large bird, not to mention a butterfly proclaiming "I used to be a caterpillar." These were all ideas of our First Day Schoolers. 

The Garden Bench Earth Day Celebration

First Day School Has A New Home


First Day School has its own space! We have moved into two rooms called "the sunporch" of Bartram House, a century old building with historic designation which Miami Friends Meeting owns adjacent to the Meetinghouse. We all love the bright yellow walls and colorful floor made with pieces of old tiles. We all worked hard to clean and organize our new space. We are hoping to find inexpensive bean bag chairs and a rug for sitting on.

(click to see the photo album)


Dr. King

 We learned about the meaning of the words Martin Luther King used during the civil rights campaign to inspire people -- nonviolence, equality, freedom, justice and love. Then we wrote them in chalk on the front walk of the meetinghouse for all the world to see.